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B & C Construction provides installation services of several different types of residential siding. Hardi-Plank and Vinyl still remain the top two types of siding as they are most cost-efficient and still provide the necessary protection for the home against the elements. Many homeowners have also begun using stone veneer and brick masonry to add value to their homes. We offer services for installing all types of residential siding and are ready to help you with your home.

Benefits of Different Types of Residential Siding

Hardi-Plank and Fiber Cement

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Fiber cement is a durable siding with many benefits. It is very popular because it looks like wood, has a rigid feel and does not deteriorate like wood siding. It has a natural curb appeal. Fiber cement is composed of Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fiber, select additives and water. Fiber cement is considered a masonry product and is heavier than wood or vinyl products, thus it is very important that the product is fastened according to manufacturers’ specifications. Our products follows all manufacturers’ guidelines in the installation of fiber cement siding. Fiber cement products will need to be painted. The product is installed, then two (2) coats of exterior grade acrylic paint are applied to the siding. The paint job on fiber cement will last longer than paint on wood siding because fiber cement resists shrinking and swelling, enabling a good brand of paint to last up to 3 times longer on fiber cement siding.

Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl siding is durable, easy to maintain and visually appealing! It is designed and textured to look just like wood. Various styles and dozens of designer colors are available in order to compliment your home’s architecture and your personal taste. Our insulation package included in every siding job dramatically increases your home’s energy, efficiency, and comfort. Vinyl siding costs more than painting, but considering the lifetime of protection andinsulation that vinyl siding gives

you, it becomes a more economical investment than routine painting. Vinyl siding is extremely durable and is normally warranteed for the life of your home.

Some of the many benefits of vinyl siding include:

  • Vinyl Siding is visually stunning and does not need to be painted, making it virtually maintenance free
  • Adds insulation to your home,

    lowering energy consumption resulting in savings on your utility bills

  • Vinyl Siding also helps control and can act as a moisture barrier
  • This type of siding also adds value to your home

Stone Veneer / Siding

Stone Veneer is one of the newest way to add significant value to your home at an affordable price. Stones come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles, and is as durable as brick masonry. Stone veneer also acts as a pest barrier, and helps to keep your home cool in the summer, and warm

in the winter.

Metal Siding

Offering prevention of pests and normally a lifetime guarantee, many homeowners have begun rethinking conventional siding and are considering this as a long-term siding solution. Though, not always the most aesthetic, manufacturers have begun realizing the potential in providing the safety and security that metal siding can provide. Many insurance companies have offered their clients further policy breaks when installing this material.

Bricks/Masonry Siding

Still used in nearly 95% of all homes, we have the ability to repair and replace the areas of your home that older bricks may have become inefficient or completely worn down. This simple solution still provides sturdiness and stability that is necessary for your home’s long-term maintenance.